Legal Risk Management Services

Supporting Emergency Preparedness and Security Management for Public and Private Entities

  • Formulation and revision of Emergency Action Plans for public and private facilities, including office buildings, daycares, schools and buildings that service special populations.
  • Formulation and revision of Emergency Operating Programs for professional athletic organizations and higher learning institutions, including stadiums, arenas and athletic facilities.
  • Creation of emergency protocols specific to industry and employers in compliance with national standards and statutory regulations, including active shooter, shelter in place and fire evacuation.
  • Re-articulation and/or establishment of emergency management strategies and planning initiatives performed by Petrone Risk NIMS certified professionals, including:
    • Formulation, revision and optimization of Emergency Operations Plans and emergency preparedness protocols and procedures for professional athletic organizations and collegiate athletic facilities
    • Formation of training materials addressing the specifics of the optimized emergency management strategies for managers and employees
  • Assist eligible entities in preparing SAFETY Act designation and/or certification submissions for emergency plans to Department of Homeland Security to minimize liability exposure.
  • Development and instruction of seminars; trainers/educators in wide array of areas, including, but not limited to:
    • Emergency Operations Plans
    • Emergency Action Plans
    • Active Shooter Plans
    • Workplace Violence
    • Evacuation Protocols
    • Facility Security Strategies
    • NIMS Strategies
    • SAFETY Act
    • ADA Considerations
    • Cybersecurity

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